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How many men have ever told their wives, girlfriends, partners – I just want to hold you. Talk about feeling cherished!

August 13 – two miles in 40 minutes! (2nd day of 2 miles a day)

Keeping a food diary on myfitnesspal.com – free and easy to load food.

August 13, 2013

Opportunities are always around us.  Do we see them?  Do we pass them by?  Do we discount them as “not for us”, “I can’t do that, I’m too old, I’m too fat, I’m too…..whatever.”

Success is with many things in life, emotional, physical, family, friends, co-workers, the people who float in and out of our lives can all influence and change us for good or bad.  Sometimes success can be measured, sometimes not.

Personality traits:





Common words – very deceiving.

We all are some of them, just more in others.

Can they rule us?  You bet?  Do we want this?  Not always.  Can we change?  If we want to and work on it!


August 11, 2013

100% for week one on my goals!  YEA

August 3 2013

I commit to one year without eating the following:





Ice Cream


I am on a path of better health both mentally and physically!

Balance of work, play, fun, laugh – that’s what I want for 2013.

January 1

Reflecting on 2012. It has been a roller coaster of a year. Mom coming to live with me and then in October being moved to a skilled nursing facility. Sam passing away on June 11. Managed to have a short visit to Lake Tahoe w/Tricia; Solvang with my new beau Ted, SF on Dec 31 with Ted. So many things to write however I seem to keep them bottled up – not in fear but in contemplation and/or unwillingness to let them just be what they are. A “peak” experience at the Carmelite Monastery in Santa Clara. Talked to the Father at Lady of Fatima about it. I worked on five areas of goals for 2013.l. Not complete, nor should they be as I feel goals are flexible as long as one keeps moving forward without regressions.

Oct 4

What a roller coaster year this has been. I’m going to write more tonight.

Day 363 June 27 Wed

I’m in the process of reading W Dyer’s book Inspiration.  Many thoughts are scrambling floating a round in my mind – the eternal question I have had for the last 10 or so years – I’m supposed to do something for others – what is it what is it? Thoughts and thoughts are so fast that I can’t even write them down and then they are fleetingly gone.

Inspiration – yes I am to be one – I know in my heart.  How did I fail Sam to inspire him to see himself physically destructive?  My thoughts tell me that that was not my purpose however was my purpose to have it happen as tragic as it was and to go ok now you are your mind is not engaged with his  you are free to inspire others and this was a path you had to take to go on my own path again.  I miss him so and yet the voice says go go go get on with your freedom to inspire – he would want you to do that – he always wanted to have you be more to reach for more do more.  Sam  is giving me the boost to do this – what is THIS I ASK myself over and over – it’s not to have a bookkeeping business to straighten out other people’s money mess.  NO it’s something else.  WHAT IS THIS I ASK.  It has to do with reaching a lot of people’s lives.  It is this blog about weight.  Could be.

I’ve heard some of the great inspirational teachers, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Michael Bechwith, Alison Armstrong (yes I consider her great) and others.  I have all of it inside me – how can I effectively get it out to share with others when it is deep inside me and when I talk I trip over words, get very emotional and it doesn’t come out the way I hear it in my head.

Coaching – yes I loved doing it because I was coaching myself at the same time – funny how that works.  This blog would be coaching to unknowns – can I see a benefit to others – all unknowns.  Will I get feedback to know that I’m inspiration to others  or can I accept that just writing and putting  it out there is the “inspiration”?

I’m a hesitant writer although my spelling is good, fairly good at grammer, so many thoughts my head spins and spins and I can’t type fast enough before they are on to the next.

I’m a closet dancer – yes I did get a job as a bar dancer – I know I was good enough then.  And do I want to be able to do all the steps like done in Dancing With The Stars – yes.  Will my feet/knees let me do it – probably not – however I can do it at my own level – YES I CAN.  So is this the  INSPIRATION?    Be at 125 lbs for my life, be a dancer for my life – show that change can happen at any time of your life.  That’s what I learned always from my parents – YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE – JUST GO AND DO IT – and that means that whatever it takes I have it inside me – JUST GO AND DO IT.


I ate to plan today until 3:30 – 4 pieces of chocolate.  I can’t even remember eating the last one – that’s absolutely crazy to not remember.  I have a free weight plan on my iphone however its so much easier to do it when I can use a regular keyboard (why struggle when one is hard and one is easy and they both have the same outcome)…I answered my question.  So I’ll re-up my body bugg account and put everything I eat/walk/exercise in there.  A year to go seems like forever however I’m 65 and THAT’S A LOT OF YEARS so go figure.   It took a lot of calories to get where I’m at and  it’s going to take a lot more to get to my goals in 363 days.

I’M EXCITED about this journey. Do I have a fairy godmother somewhere around who can appear and poof I’m 80 lbs less, can dance up a storm, have another incredible man in my life, family, friends who I love?  I know that I’m that person because I have shown up this week in life and I’m going.

Let me know if  you want to go along this journey with me?  Are you out there?  I know that Sam is and he is saying go go go.


June 25 7 am

First day of 365
10 minutes on treadmill
more later….